Premiere: Parkland Shares New Video for “Buzz Cut”

Sep 29, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Nicole Ens

Earlier this year, Canadian indie folk outfit Parkland debuted with their winding and layered single, “North of the Border.” After beginning as a solo project for singer/songwriter Will Quiring, the outfit began taking a new life as Quiring brought in musicians from bands such as Close Talker and Rah Rah to round out the tracks. Bandmates Jerms Olson (bass), Janelle Moskalyk (guitar/vocals), Ian Cameron (pedal steel), Jeffrey Romanyk (drums), and Steve Schneider (keys/vocals) each wrote their own parts independently, fleshing out Quiring’s writing with influences from folk, emo, alt-country, and indie.

Each of these influences comes together on the band’s forthcoming debut record, Parkland, due out November 4th via Slow Weather. Today, the band are teasing the record with a new video for one of the record’s highlights, “Buzz Cut,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Buzz Cut” leans into the stark folk and alt country side of the band’s sound, centering around Quiring’s hushed vocal performance with the rest of the band filling the track with gentle pulses of percussion and pedal steel. Quiring and company craft a track full of quiet contemplative yearning, filling the track with moments of both dark honesty and uncertain hopeー“‘Cause I wait for our moment / It’s going to be worth your while / I know you’re spent / And pretty hopeless / But I won’t give up on you tonight.”

Quiring describes the inspiration behind the track and song, saying, “At the end of 2019, after almost 7 years grinding it out on the road, I finally convinced myself that I needed a change and hit the reset button. I had been doing the same thing for most of my 20’s and I felt it was time to start a new course, which led me into writing this album. The exodus from one project to the birth of another. Starting with a solo project in mind, I tried to make the most of my spare time and slowly formed some ideas together. I’ve only ever played in bands, so I quickly came to realize that these songs were better suited for such. I sent the ideas out to a few friends and almost a year later, Parkland was born.

To start something completely new has felt inspiring in a lot of ways. It can sound however it wants, and there’s no standards or expectations put on the music yet. It’s really refreshing and honestly, has reminded me why I still like to do this. ‘Buzz Cut’ is from a blimp in time when I was still grinding it out all those years ago, not giving up on a fading dream. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t convince myself yet, or maybe it’s because I still haven’t.”

Check out the song and video below. Stream the track here. Parkland is due out November 4th via Slow Weather.

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