Premiere: Paper Birch Debuts New Single, “Blue Heartbreak”

Jul 07, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

UK noise rock duo Paper Birch formed last year in the midst of lockdown. Collaborators Fergus Lawrie and Dee Sada passed sounds and ideas to each other virtually between Glasgow and London. Over time, these ideas slowly coalesced into their upcoming debut album, morninghairwater, out July 30th on the independent label, Reckless Yes.

“Written, recorded, and produced during the first lockdown, morninghairwater is a collection of thoughts and sounds which represent the emotional space between clinging on to the old pre-pandemic world and hurtling into a strange, unknown, terrifying new world” explains Sada. “It’s a testament to love, hope, beauty, fear, loss, sadness, and isolation.”

The duo has already shared “Cemetery Moon” and “Love For The Things Yr Not” from the record and are now back with their latest release, “Blue Heartbreak,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Blue Heartbreak” reflects on the slow healing of a broken heart, pairing sweet, ear-candy melodies with fuzzed-out guitars and a disco-tinged drum outro. The band shows off their love for the shoegaze and indie rock of the ‘90s but the plainspoken pop song lyrics are classic open-hearted ‘60s fare —“You made me cry/Now I don’t know why/Everything is fine.” The resulting track tours through the sounds of yester-year’s pop songs and distills them into the band’s noisy take on a classic breakup tune.

The band says of the accompanying video, “The video is a physical interpretation of colour and movement. Blue Heartbreak is an anthemic breakup song and the dancer conveys the different stages of breakup emotions: sadness, frustration, and then a newfound empowerment where they’re ready to own the world.”

Check out the song and video below and watch for morninghairwater, out July 30th via Reckless Yes.

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