Premiere: Paige Su Shares New Single “Involuntary Adventures”

Dec 07, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Cody Byassee

Early next year, Taiwanese art pop singer/songwriter Paige Su is set to share her sophomore LP, You’ll Live Forever In My Songs, out February 24th. Su debuted in 2017 with her full-length record, We Are All Lonely Souls, but has spent the intervening years largely quietly until in 2020 an unexpected cancer diagnosis and the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic reignited a powerful creative spark.

In the midst of her treatment, songs started flowing out of her and Su began crafting the reflective and exploratory songs that make up her sophomore effort. Though she is now in remission, that brush with mortality indelibly shapes the record as she traces stories of uncertainty, resilience, and rebirth. As she explains, “I think when something like that hits you, you question everything,” Su said. “For me, facing the darkness in life is very natural, and the deeper you go, the more beauty you’ll find.”

Su has already shared one single this year, “Take It One Day at a Time,” and today she’s back with her follow-up, “Involuntary Adventures,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Involuntary Adventures” is a document of heartache, chaos, and Su’s attempts to find meaning in the noise. She opens the track with a tribute to another artist who captures beauty in pain (“I’ve been listening to Jeff Buckley / He captures beautifully / The heartache I’ve been feeling), and then goes on to reflect on the dangers and allure of love (“Love is dangerous / It entangles us / In these irresistible involuntary adventures”). Meanwhile, Su’s breathy vocals mesh into an instrumental that is equal parts nervy and propulsive, marrying a jazz-tinged bassline with electronic trip hop beats.

Su explains of the track, “Life itself is an involuntary adventure. Love, desire, and fear often make us do crazy things against our will. This song is a soundtrack for the relentless momentum of those chaotic yet beautiful moments.”
Check out the song and video below. You’ll Live Forever In My Songs is out February 24th.

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