Premiere: Onsloow Shares Debut Single “Overthinking”

Jun 07, 2021

By Haydon Spenceley

Today, hailing from Trondheim Norway, indie rock band Onsloow arrives with their debut single, “Overthinking,” the first in a series of three leading up to the release of their debut album later in 2021. If there’s a gap in your listening life for a band that brings out the best of The Get Up Kids and Weezer then you might be in luck here. As a debut single and a way of saying hello to the wider world, this is nothing short of spectacular. There must be something in the water in Trondheim, as a succession of bands, most notably for me at least Motorpsycho, emanate from that fine place and Onsloow share a level of daring in terms of both melodic choices and willful rocking abandon with their esteemed countrymen

If you wish that more bands would just go for it sometimes, then you might well be in luck with Onsloow and “Overthinking.” Upon first listen, you think you’re enjoying a driving rock song, but then the solo kicks in and lifts the song to another level entirely. The use of dynamic shifts and truly great tones is a thing to behold here, along with the deceptively powerful vocals of Johanne Rimul.

Speaking of the song, the band say, ‘The lyrics revolve around thinking too much of things that are in the way of what actually matters. Like thinking of how a relationship is going to end even before it has started. How overthinking can get in the way of living and just having fun. While the music

is uplifting, positive, and melodic, the lyrics from Johanne in many ways challenge that. We like playing with those kinds of contrasts’

Under the Radar is glad to share the video for the track today and I’m sure that you’ll join with me in waiting with great hope for what follows from an exciting band.

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