Premiere: Natalie Evans Shares New Single “Driving Home Late”

May 03, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

London-based multi-instrumentalist Natalie Evans makes plaintive, stark, and powerful indie singer/songwriter fare, pulling inspiration from modern luminaries like Mitski, Julien Baker, and Jonna Newsom. Since emerging with her first EP Houses and following with her debut full-length record, Better at Night, Evans has honed keen songwriting sensibilities, an alluringly delicate instrumental style, and an emotionally resonant lyrical core. That combination comes together to beautiful effect on her upcoming record, Movements.

Evans has already shared “To Go On,” “Sun Song,” and “Movie,” the first singles from the record, and today she’s back with another new release, “Driving Home Late,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Driving Home Late” is a gorgeous encapsulation of a moment in time, capturing the peaceful joy and bittersweet melancholy of a ruminative night spent staring at the stars. Evans’ voice is initially accompanied only by stately piano chords, but by its end, the song expands into a work of sweeping instrumental beauty, with Evans joined by bursts of sweet acoustic melodies.

Meanwhile, Evans’ lyrics find her meditating on purpose and loneliness, excising the complicated feelings that emerged upon moving to London and pursuing music: “With all these to-do lists / I forgot why I started in the first place / Should I be climbing up this ladder or sitting on this step thinking again / Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate or keep a steady pace.” She later wonders, “How come I never feel at home until I’m about to leave / Didn’t know what it was to be alone ‘til I moved out to the city.”

Evans says of the single: “I was living in my friend’s loft room for a few months and it had those roof windows where you could see directly up into the sky which I found really inspiring. I wrote most of this song in one evening there, when I started laying down these simple piano chords and singing over them.”

“This song was very much a stream of consciousness. I was thinking about the importance of thinking things through during the day rather than always being distracted, so that I’m not kept awake at night by the bigger thoughts.”

“I was playing a lot of gigs at the time and I really love that feeling of going home afterwards when I feel accomplished and can just listen to the music and enjoy the drive. It’s one of the things that happen in my life where I am the most relaxed, content and in the moment.”

Check out the song below. Movements is out everywhere on June 3rd via Small Pond.

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