Premiere: Movie Jail Shares New Track “Stop At The Mark”

Mar 01, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Later this week, Lexington, Kentucky-based indie quintet Movie Jail are set to debut their self-titled EP, due out March 3rd via Desperate Spirit Records. The record is an encapsulation of the band’s playful and off-beat creative instincts, knitting together traces of intricate indie rock guitars, silken new wave synths, jazzy chord changes, and a love for irresistible pop melody.

The band teased the album last month with their lead single “Call The Neighbors,” and today they’re back with a new track, “Stop At The Mark,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Stop At The Mark” is a playful and charmingly melodic offering, centering on bursts of bright, tight, and noisy guitar work, along with dreamy winding synth passages. Shimmering textures and glassy vibraphone melodies play at the track’s margins, floating peacefully above the frenetic guitars. The band effortlessly melds the nervy and serene sides of the track, constantly shifting in new directions and incorporating new sounds, all without losing the careening energy that drives the track forward.

Movie Jail’s Dave Cobb explains of the track, “‘Stop At The Mark’ establishes the tone for what’s ahead: Playful synths and guitars building on an interplay of steady grooves and ever-changing dynamics which wouldn’t be out of place on a classic Thrill Jockey record from the 90s.

“There’s an air of confidence without pretense at play, especially in the lyrics: The group knows this zone well and immediately feels right at home. I like how John’s pristine vibraphone playing just floats above all the wild turns.”

Check out the song below. Movie Jail is due out everywhere on March 3rd.

Fanatic Promotion · Movie Jail – Stop At The Mark

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