Premiere: Moondaddy Shares New Single “Silver Dust”

Feb 08, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Ricardo Castro

Indie dream pop artist Moondaddy first began in singer/songwriter Cara Potiker’s San Diego bedroom, dreamt up as a pressure valve for the existential dread of the 2020 lockdown. During that time Potiker began diving deep into analog audio, spending hours in her bedroom songwriting and making physical demo tapes. After pairing with Texas-based producer El Cosmophonico (real name Manuel Calderon), Potiker began transforming those demo tapes into expansive reverb-soaked odysseys with her forthcoming debut album, Poet Lies.

Last year, Potiker debuted with the record’s lead single, “Lover’s Eye,” and this week she’s back with another new track, “Silver Dust,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Silver Dust” acts as another taste of Potiker’s dreamy alchemy, crafting a track that is equally a gently swaying guitar ballad and a floating dream pop reverie. She brings forth decadent synth textures, winding guitar lines, and wistful harmonies, layering them on top of each other in a tapestry of shimmering melody. Yet for all the track’s intimacy, Potiker also laces it with a spacious sense of scale and lush romantic longing, letting her ethereal vocals ripple outward into a gorgeous moonlit expanse.

Potiker explains of the track, “‘Silver Dust’ marked the beginning of a significant growth period in my life. I was recovering from a long illness when I wrote it, and as I reflected on my mortality I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the longevity of love on my life and how it makes me feel protected in all circumstances. I look forward to releasing this single to the world, paired with artwork by Marina Grize.”

Check out the song early below. Moondaddy’s new track Poet Lies is out everywhere later this year.

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