Premiere: Margo Ross Shares New Single, “God I Wish That We Could Still Be Friends”

Mar 25, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Julia Ross

Indie folk singer/songwriter Margo Ross has shared details of her forthcoming debut album Prairie Life, out May 28th. On her debut, Ross writes in tribute to the vast landscapes of her Iowa youth, reflecting on the titular prairie life. She describes the album as “a collection of stories and reflections, sonically surrounded by the sounds that ground me and comfort me by reminding me of home.”

In addition to announcing her new album, Ross has also shared her new single, “God I Wish That We Could Still Be Friends,” premiering early with Under the Radar.

The sentiment of “God I Wish That We Could Still Be Friends” should be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever had their heart broken. Ross reflects back on the hole that a breakup leaves, initially drenching the song’s earnest confessions in longing nostalgia. The plaintive piano chords slowly build before the song bursts into striking life with a dramatic string arrangement and expansive percussion, ascending to a stirring symphonic climax. Though the track is undeniably intimate, Ross manages to bring both towering instrumental presence and a riveting sense of catharsis to her confessions.

Ross says of the track, “I wrote this song in the cabin I live in, in Woodstock NY. I had just come back from a trip to my hometown, where I ran into the person who broke my heart the most so far in life. I was thinking about how the most painful part wasn’t not being able to date them, but not being able to be friends with them. And that’s how this pretty-straightforward-lyrically song was born!”

She goes on to say of the video, “I wanted the video to be ‘high concept lonely in your apartment’. We tried to create a feeling of solitude and elevate it. I love movement, and I love simple videos, so we did a lot of improvised movement and hoped for the best.” Check out the song below and watch for Prairie Life, out May 28th.

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