Premiere: Marcus Paquin Shares New Single “Something Beautiful”

Oct 19, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Andy John

Songwriter and musician Marcus Paquin has spent years as a contributor and songwriter, with his name appearing in the liner notes of records from The National, Local Natives, The Weather Station, Julia Jacklin, and more. Next month he is set to share his forthcoming debut album, Our Love, his first-ever solo record, chronicling a hard season of transition following a separation from his partner and bringing light to his path towards self-acceptance.

The full album is out November 25th and ahead of the release Paquin is sharing his latest single, “Something Beautiful,” premiering with Under the Radar.

In contrast to the soaring slow-burning drama of the record’s previous single “The Way Forward,” “Something Beautiful” is as lean as it gets, offering a tight and driving indie rock gem. The track is propelled forward by ever-present chugging guitars and propulsive drumming, building to an invigorating high with the simple open-hearted charm of its chorus. Paquin imbues every moment of the track with a relentless optimism that feels real and earned, especially in the accompanying video, featuring Paquin and his daughter as a wolf and a rabbit who strike up an unlikely friendship.

Marcus wrote the following on his newest single and its visual:

“‘Something Beautiful’ is a song about friendship and unconditional love. It celebrates an awareness that a myriad of beautiful experiences exist in every moment and that it’s up to each of us to be present in those moments so we can absorb and reflect that energy back onto others.

Making the video for ‘Something Beautiful’ with my daughter was one of the most joyful experiences of my life. The original idea for the video was that it would be an animation. It would involve a number of characters that are typically natural enemies in the wild in conflict and then eventually, they would forge deep and unexpected friendships. But that concept fell through so I started considering alternate plans.

My daughter and I were listening to the song together and she spontaneously came up with a choreography that I loved. That choreography sparked the basis for the video concept: an unlikely friendship forming between a rabbit and a wolf. It would be shot in a variety of locations. Each setting might be overlooked or recognized for their simple or grandiose beauty, representing individual awareness and presence.

The dance represents both an openness and a struggle that ultimately leads to growth. My daughter and I spent two glorious days dancing and jamming in various spots on the beautiful island of Montreal. Beyond the message behind the video, we hope it makes people smile and join in the dance.”

Check out the song and video below. Our Love is out November 25 via Birthday Cake Records.

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