Premiere: M. Byrd Shares New Single “Outside Of Town”

Feb 24, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Miriam Marlene

Later this year, German-based singer/songwriter and producer M. Byrd is set to share his forthcoming debut album, The Seed, out June 16th via Nettwerk. Byrd traces the album with a widescreen cinematic scale, crafting sprawling soundscapes filled with walls of sound, yet also imbued with an intimate touch. He leaves his fingerprints all over the album, personally playing guitar, synthesizers, and bass on the record, coupled with contributions from producer Eugen Koop.

He has spent the last year sharing new singles from the record, returning most recently with the title track. Today, Byrd is back with another new single, “Outside of Town,” premiering with Under the Radar.

As Byrd describes, The Seed began taking shape at the same time as the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a lens that undoubtedly colors his new single, “Outside Of Town.” The track examines those whose lives are shattered by conflict, telling the story of a father fleeing war with his daughter: “And all of your old friends are wondering / What a fool you’ve been / To take your own daughter / Through the sand / ‘Cause no one makes their way / Through the war on the outside of town / Through the war that’s coming for me now.” With the track, Byrd paints a portrait of struggle and strife, yet does so through a warm melodic haze, letting the song soar and sprawl outwards. He settles into a similar expansive and cinematic melodic tone as The War on Drugs, shading the track’s story in gentle golden hues and sun-lit beauty.

As Byrd explains, “I wrote ‘Outside Of Town’ a few days after meeting a friend who had to flee from a war with his daughter. It tells his story in a fictional city that is surrounded by desert and war, sustaining itself with big walls and what little water they have left.” M. Byrd adds, “every time I play the song, it reminds me of how I admire people who are fighting for a better life for themselves and their families. All of us could be in the situation of having to look past the borders of our homes, and every one of us should play a part in helping the people who are willing to go through so much suffering to provide a safer place for their family and children.“

Check out the song below. The Seed is out everywhere on June 16th via Nettwerk.

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