Premiere: Luke De-Sciscio Shares New Video for “In a Moment Just Like This One”

Jun 14, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

In the past few years, prolific singer/songwriter Luke De-Sciscio has graduated from his self-described “folk boy” era into more ambitious horizons, merging influences that range from dizzying and psychedelic to lush and ornate. Later this month, De-Sciscio is set to share his expansive new record, The Banquet, which he has been teasing with a series of new singles including “The Banquet (in G#),” “Happy to be Here (I might die tomorrow),” and “In a Moment Just Like This One.”

Ahead of the album’s release, De-Sciscio has also shared a new video for “In a Moment Just Like This One,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Of the three singles, De-Sciscio has shared thus far, “In a Moment Just Like This One” is the most expansive and intricate, capturing the sumptuous drama and soaring instrumental beauty that runs through The Banquet. De-Sciscio’s emotive vocals are tinged with an almost Shakespearean spectacle, one that is only matched by the ornate mix of instrumentation and literate meditations on love and death. De-Sciscio ponders existential questions with equally weighty lyricism, singing “As I return to the undifferentiated conscious coalescence / In my foresought reintegration / Do I not irrefutably observe I never was separated anyway?”

As De-Sciscio explains, “’In A Moment Just Like This One’ takes all the elements that made the first two singles exciting and starts to dial them up to eleven. It’s quirky and it’s got this wild melody that just pulls you through these elaborate and sprawling dreams. Thematically it flirts with both love and death, curtails the edge of suicide. It follows devotion to the edge of sanity and starts to ask what is beyond that veil of life”.

Meanwhile, in keeping with the record’s medieval iconography, the video opens with De-Sciscio staring out the window of a castle and goes on to explore his locale with visuals that are both gorgeous and surreal.

‘Working with Oska [Zaky] and Harry [Steele] on this music video was such a supreme honour,” De-Sciscio says. “Their talent and ideas were so absolutely synchronous with what the song needed. We had a few meetings, we listened to the album and I went in on the lyrics, gave them the low down behind the whole vision, we dug in line by line and I gave them what the significance is to me, and beyond that, they planned and arranged and coordinated everything. Collectively I feel we just conjured a space where magic was allowed to happen and, there were so many little unprecedented, symbolic, coincidences that tie into the music, beyond what I could have envisioned – and, I can only put that down, to finding creative kindred spirits – that trust that people can share: to have a plan but, deviate when the flow takes hold. That flexibility, assured confidence in one’s craft. That is what sets these guys apart I believe and I would be honoured to work with them again.”

Check out the video below. The Banquet is out June 24th via Anti-Fragile Music.

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