Premiere: Lomond Campbell Shares New Single “Leave Only Love Behind”

Nov 02, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Later this week, experimental musician Lomond Campbell is back with his new album, Under This Hunger Moon We Fell, the third installment in a loose trilogy of tape loop projects. For these records, Campbell built his own “LŪP machine,” a unique instrument that plays 10 second tape loops that disintegrate over time as they pass near a rotating magnetic disc. By burnishing these loops with touches of synths, piano, and chilly vocals, Campbell creates worlds of sonic exploration that feel wholly unique.

He introduced this style with 2017’s LŪP and followed this year with Lost Loops, the latter of which serves as the source material for the spliced loops on Under This Hunger Moon We Fell. Echoes of Lost Loops overlap together on his latest effort, reframed and reimagined until they become something entirely new. Today, Campbell is sharing one last teaser from the record with a new single, “Leave Only Love Behind,” premiering early with Under the Radar.

“Leave Only Love Behind” proves both startlingly minimalist and subtly beautiful, focusing on a stark looping piano line and echoing ambient touches that steadily build and interweave into a transcendent floating reverie. As the song winds forward, new loops appear and others fade away, culminating in a quietly climactic string-tinged moment. The resulting track feels like a puzzle made out of seemingly random pieces, slowly revealing unexpected beauty as each piece slides into place.

Campbell says of the track, “Every track on this album started life as 140 tape loops layered up. I had to gradually delete loops to try and find harmony and interesting musical moments created by chance. I think that process worked most effectively on this track. There are around 10 tape loops that seem to interweave effortlessly, purely by the role of a dice.”

Check out the song below. Under This Hunger Moon We Fell is out November 4th via One Little Independent Records.

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