Premiere: Living Room Shares New Video for “Mauve Frame”

Apr 28, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Living Room is a Brooklyn-based quartet crafting a potent combination of mid-aughts emo, ‘90s shoegaze, and post punk revivalism. The band have been active for nearly a decade since debuting with their 2014 full-length record, Moonchaser, and releasing their 2017 and 2018 follow-ups, Worth and Heavy Mind. This summer, Living Room is set to share their fourth record, New Years, and today the band have shared a new single, “Mauve Frame,” along with an accompanying video, premiering with Under the Radar.

Following after the dissonant hooks of the record’s previous single, “Petrol Head,” “Mauve Frame” leans into the emotive punk side of the band’s sound. The band’s driving rhythms come laced with densely layered melodies, explosive guitar work, and confessional lyrics. As frontman Scott Fitzpatrick describes, the song offers a bracingly honest vision of the sacrifices made to simply get by, describing the quite literal toll a life in art has taken on his body一“It cracks me up / It snaps my spine / I’ve got time / To change my mind / I know I’ll feel it all / I know, I know.”

Fitzpatrick explains, “I wrote this about working physical labor. A lot of jobs require us to make money at the expense of our bodies. I work moving and hanging expensive contemporary artworks that are often too big and heavy to hold. It hurts a lot to make that type of money and you tend to become jaded to art itself which is a bummer. In this tune, I’m commenting on the dichotomy between enjoying art for art’s sake and hating it because of how it has destroyed my posture.”

Check out the song and video below. New Years is out June 10th via Fear Icon Records.

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