Premiere: Lisa Crawley Debuts New EP ‘Looking For Love (In A Major)’ – Stream It Below

Jul 22, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Karen Anne Patti

New Zealand singer/songwriter Lisa Crawley’s career as an actress and musician has taken her from her native Auckland to London, Canada, and most recently, to LA. Crawley moved into her new home only months before lockdown began. She took to writing her latest batch of songs under quarantine, which slowly coalesced around a set of vibrant indie pop tracks reflecting on love and relationships, all coincidentally written in the key of A Major. Crawley has been steadily sharing new singles from the new EP, Looking For Love (In A Major), ahead of its July 23rd release but fans can get an early listen to the full EP below, premiering early with Under the Radar.

Though the songs on Crawley’s latest EP share a common focus (and a common key) she plays with her formula throughout, each song offering a fresh angle on our perennial occupation with love, whether it be finding it, keeping it, or ruining it. “Looking For Love” examines perpetual dissatisfaction and constantly searching for new love, exploring the darkly funny subject matter over a sunny bass-driven indie pop instrumental. Meanwhile, the classic, laid-back groove of “The Right Way” examines overthinking, awkwardness, and self-sabotage with a new partner. Finally, the warm girl-group melodies of the closer “My Time” welcome the listener as Crawley ends the record on a bittersweet note, choosing to focus on her needs first and foremost.

Accompanying it all is Crawley’s free-flowing style, pulling from classic pop and soul influences from yesteryear and repackaging them today. Therein lies the strength of Looking For Love: Crawley’s ability to take well-worn topics and styles and renew them with fresh energy. It’s a strength that carries Crawley well over the EP’s five tracks of sweeping romanticism.

She says of the EP, “Initially I had intended on releasing another full-length album and put myself under pressure to do so, but when it came to the tracklisting, I wasn’t 100% happy with how the songs sat as a unit, so I brainstormed which songs felt like they wanted to sit next to each other. Being a music nerd from way back, I realised five of these songs were in the same key and in one way or another, were about love. When I hear music/ sounds I automatically associate it with a certain note or key and grew up playing classical songs that had the key of the song in the title, and that’s how I got Looking for Love (In A Major). The EP is a mixture of funny, dark, honest songs about love and relationships.”

Check out the full EP below, out everywhere tomorrow, July 23rd.

Lisa Crawley · Looking For Love (In A Major)

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