Premiere: Lipsticism Shares Video for New Track “Like a Baby”

Dec 15, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Earlier this year, we announced Two Mirrors Facing Each Other, the sophomore album from Chicago-based experimental pop outfit Lipsticism, and shared the record’s early single, “Sentimental.” The record sees musician and producer Alana Schachtel strike a delicate balance between crystalline synth-laden textures and potent pop sensibilities, delivering a style that feels cosmic, blissful, and nostalgic all at once.

Today, following the record’s release Schachtel is back with an accompanying video for one of the album’s highlights, “Like a Baby,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Like a Baby” leans into the airy and abstract side of Schachtel’s music, evoking the beauty of childhood innocence with gossamer synth beds, pristine layered vocals, and twinkling lullaby melodies. It is both sweet and evocative, lulling you into a dream-like trance as Schachtel repeats the track’s simple mantra: “Treat everything like a baby.” Meanwhile, the accompanying video conjures the same themes of gentle warmth and open-hearted bliss, featuring some adorable bunnies being petted in intimate close-ups while bathed in decadent luxury.

Schachtel explains of the track, “Like a Baby expresses the endearing and sympathetic light cast on a person when we remember that they were once a cute and innocent infant. To me thinking like this can widen my scope and help me to consider the trajectory of a person. It makes me think about how even though we grow older and more mature, we are often still vulnerable and seeking love and comfort like a baby. The song is a reminder to myself to extend gentleness to all things.”

Check out the song and video below. Two Mirrors Facing Each Other is out everywhere now via Earth Libraries.

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