Premiere: Liily Debuts New Single “I Am Who I Think You Think I Am”

Jun 25, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Kristy Benjamin

LA-based band Liily was quickly building up steam in 2019 on the back of electric live shows and their early singles gathered on their EP, I Can Fool Anyone In This Town. The band just as quickly disappeared from the limelight, honing their sound and coming back more tight, focused, and noisy than ever with their latest material.

The band shared regarding their new album, “These new songs are very different than our last EP, not only sonically but also in its intention. Unlike the EP we really had a vision for what we wanted these new songs to sound like and the path we think the album could set us on creatively and career-wise. The last EP is very similar in heaviness but it is a lot more confused when it comes to its intensity and intention, which is purely rooted in how young we were when we wrote and released it.”

Today the band shares their first single back, “I Am Who I Think You Think I Am,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Produced by Joe Chicarelli (Morrissey/U2/My Morning Jacket and mixed by Alan Moulder (Smashing Pumpkins), with, “I Am Who I Think You Think I Am” the band return with a direct, explosive satire of the insane pace of modern culture. Liily veers into distorted angular punk, recalling the likes of Metz with a howling vocal performance, visceral bass lines, and gnarled guitar solo. It’s an irresistible reintroduction and statement of purpose for the band, and a frenzied addition to their growing canon of killer tracks.

The band says of the inspiration behind the track, “I think sonically a lot of the songs we had written for this record are influenced somewhat by the bands Fugazi and Daughters but this song seems to be a bit more in that realm and speaks to the more atonal and noisier side of the record. Lyrically, however, it was sort of us making a gag of this hyper-accelerated culture! Our manager Peter Matthew Bauer [of The Walkmen], sent us a bunch of ridiculous Qanon tweets that we thought were really funny and I incorporated that into the lyrics, then personifying them into a monstrous being.”

They continue, saying of the recording process, “I think this track was one of the first ones we had all come together on in a live setting and formulated organically after taking many different approaches to writing songs! The energy sort of speaks for itself in that matter, as we tried to keep it as close to the original demos, encapsulating the energy that was there from the start. The production process was amazing, it was the first time recording where we felt like we really knew what we wanted and also the first time where a producer sort of kicked our butts, which I think is gonna have a lasting effect in the way we approach songs in the future!”

Listen to the song below and watch the accompanying video below. You can also check out Liily’s newly announced tour dates.

Tour Dates:

10-21 Mercury Lounge, NYC

10-29 Troubadour, West Hollywood

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