Premiere: Kevitch Shares New Single “Don’t Let Go”

Mar 16, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Over the past few years, LA-via-Philadelphia singer/songwriter Kevitch has carefully crafted a chilled and silken style of alt pop, incorporating delicate R&B beats and woozy lo-fi guitars into her dreamy soundscapes. She debuted in 2020 with her single “Sunrise” and followed in 2021 with “idc.” This year, she returned with another new track, “Secrets,” the first single from her forthcoming debut EP, out June 23rd via Nettwerk.

The currently untitled EP sees Kevitch cast as a hopeless romantic, exploring doomed romance through a handful of glossy pop gems. As she explains, “I’m excited about this EP because it has a magical and hopeful feeling. I played with a few different genres in this project, incorporating R&B, pop, and lo-fi influences. This EP surrounds the evolution of a relationship when you first meet someone and the emotions that come with that. It then segues into the demise of that relationship and how we cope with those aftermath feelings.”

Accompanying the announcement, she has also shared the record’s latest single, “Don’t Let Go,” premiering with Under the Radar.

With “Don’t Let Go,” Kevitch explores the sweet and spectral side of her songwriting. The track begins in an intimate mode as Kevitch’s vocals swirl above sparse guitar lines, though it steadily grows more colorful with R&B drums and honeyed harmonies joining the mix. Kevitch’s vocal melodies act as the song’s bleary centerpoint, painting the track with a gauzy lo-fi quality. The result is both ephemeral and immediately catchy, offering a melancholic confessional that gently blossoms into bedroom pop bliss.

Kevitch says of the track, “‘Don’t Let Go’ plays off my last single ‘Secrets’ with the idea that now I’m fully immersed in this human without anyone knowing how deep it runs. I’m running through the motions of being in love and it’s this idea of being in your own little world with this person, feeling both excited and hopeful of the possibilities.”

She also says of the music video, “For this video, I wanted to stay true to myself with the VHS/DIY aesthetics. I like how the visuals feel relatable and not overly produced. ‘Don’t Let Go’ is more upbeat and happier than my other songs, and I wanted to visually present that. I love how we incorporated the beach alongside flowers and palm trees because those visuals give off this wild and free feeling that is behind the song’s overarching themes.”

Check out the song and video below. Kevitch’s forthcoming debut EP is due out on June 23rd via Nettwerk.

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