Premiere: Kath Myers Shares New Single “The Big One”

Jun 03, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Kath Myers took an unconventional path towards becoming a musician. After college Myers spent several years in an unfulfilling corporate job before, in her early thirties, she moved to LA, picked up the guitar, and wrote the songs that make up her debut, Sensitive Groups. Now Myers is newly sober and ready to share her debut with the world. She’s already shared two singles from the record, “According to the Law” and “Dirty Laundry” and she’s now back with her latest release, “The Big One,” premiering with Under the Radar.

With “The Big One” Myers finds a unique mix of looming existential dread and vibrant melody, confessing her fear of being alone when “the big one hits.” Layers of gauzy instrumentation offer a grand stage for Myers’ isolated reflections, initially beginning sparse and meditative before blooming into a stirring blend of melody on the chorus. Meanwhile, Myers herself acts as the arresting centerpiece. Her anxiety and loneliness hit their apex as she worries that “the neighbors will make me fend for myself/ Because I never say hi/ Rest assured/ They’re gonna let me die.”

Myers says of the track, “I wrote this song in July of 2019 and there had been several earthquakes that summer. I was subletting my friend’s apartment and watching her cat while she was traveling. I was very depressed and drinking a lot at the time and full of anxiety and paranoia. I realized that if the big one did hit, I was very ill-equipped and would be screwed. It’s also about my fear of completely losing my mind and never coming back.”

Check out the song and video below and watch for Sensitive Groups, out June 25th.

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