Premiere: Joyce From the Future Shares New EP ‘Illusions’

Mar 15, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Cory Young

Indie pop outfit Joyce From the Future debuted in 2020 with their self-titled EP, introducing the band with an array of dance beats, glossy synth beds, and sleek new wave guitars. Since then, the band have been teasing their sophomore EP Illusions, first with their 2022 single “Run,” and most recently with their track “Glass Rose.” Today, they’re back with an early listen to Illusions, premiering with Under the Radar.

Illusions sees the band leaning into a shimmering, neon-lit version of funk and synth pop, crafting a tapestry of subtly catchy and danceable instrumentals. The title track opens with an alluring funk bassline before shading the track with bleary synth textures and groovy guitar lines. In a similar fashion, tracks like “Run” and “Stay” are dark and evocative, carried by thick, pulsing snyths and tight rhythms. Elsewhere, “Adrenaline” contrasts glassy synth textures with a danceable rhythm section, offering a hypnotic dancefloor-filler that pairs well with the percussive grooves of “Everything Changed.” Each track shifts the band’s style subtly, but each also plays effortlessly into the EP’s decadent nocturnal mood.

As the band explains, “This EP has been a labor of love. These songs came from a place of wanting to explore quite a few different sounds on one small record while still keeping everything cohesive. We wanted the tracks to stand out as individuals, but also contribute to a greater story throughout the EP.”

Check out the full EP below, out everywhere on March 17th.

Joyce From the Future · Illusions

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