Premiere: Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers Share New Single “Fucked Up Paradise”

Apr 15, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Ada Chen

Brooklyn-based synth pop musician and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Dynamite emerged in the 2010s as a growing voice in New York DIY, developing a signature synth-laden sound. Taking his name from a comic book anti-hero detective created by his grandfather Pete Morisi, Dynamite made his solo debut with his 2020 record Heartbroken. Now Dynamite is back teasing towards his new album Sleeveless. His latest single “Fucked Up Paradise” is out tomorrow but you can check it out early here, premiering exclusively with Under the Radar.

Along with his band, The Bloodsuckers, Johnny Dynamite continues the ‘80s synth pop revival in full force with “Fucked Up Paradise.” Rippling synth stylings and glistening melodies propel the song upwards into a dreamlike haze, recalling the best of synth pop legends like Pet Shop Boys and contemporaries like M83. Meanwhile, Dynamite is the song’s moody guide and centerpiece, delivering a dynamic vocal performance that runs through warm sensuality, ethereal howls, and hard-hitting passion.

As Dynamite describes the track, “This one is about my friends. I wanted to see them stop glorifying their drug addictions and bad habits – ‘to wake up in the light instead of some fucked up paradise.’” Yet even with that heavy subject matter, there’s an indisputable pop allure to the track, combining its heavy message with indelible synth melodies and a standout performance from Dynamite. Check out the song and its similarly vintage music video below, and watch for Sleeveless, coming June 25th via Born Losers Records.

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