Premiere: John Splithoff Debuts New Single, “Holding On To Me”

Apr 06, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Matt Oliver

Singer/songwriter John Splithoff’s debut album has been building for a long time, coming on the back of nearly a decade of single releases, a flirtation with major labels, and a rededication to a more cohesive album format, all culminating in his debut album All In. “After releasing singles for six or seven years, I wanted to create something bigger and more immersive this time around,” says Splithoff. “I wanted to make something that could take you places from start to finish.” Splithoff has already released “Fahrenheit” and “Steady” from the record and has now returned with his latest single, “Holding On To Me,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Despite the introspective and isolated state much of All In was written in, “Holding On To Me” is pure infatuated joy. That break works brilliantly for his latest single, matching buoyant melodies with an upbeat disco groove and Splithoff’s irresistible vocal talents. Splithoff once again shows his talents for marrying the classic romanticism of vintage R&B and soul with a distinctly modern pop sensibility. Rising heavenly harmonies, driving dance rhythms, and even an ebullient funk guitar solo all come together to perfectly capture the high-flying feeling of new love.

Splithoff says of the track: “Holding On To Me” is about being in a total state of infatuation. The lyrics were written when I started dating my high school girlfriend again after many years apart and I felt like I was floating.

I wrote the chords on piano over 4 years ago, and the demo resurfaced when I was looking for songs to include on my upcoming album. I was inspired by the tempo of Calvin Harris’ “Slide,” Nile Rodgers’ guitar playing, and videos of people roller skating.

It made me want to create something that drifted in a similar space that paired nicely with warm weather. Now that it’s spring and my high school girlfriend and I just got engaged, I feel like I’m floating again.” Check out the song and video below and watch for All In, out April 23rd via Splithoff’s own Pleasant Lane Music.

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