Premiere: Jeremy Squires Shares New Single “Hymnal”

Oct 10, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

For North Carolina singer/songwriter Jeremy Squires, writing is almost a necessity, a layered exorcism of deeply held pains. He is nearly constantly creating, absorbing dreams, experiences, and memories before transforming them into meditative indie folk. He has already confirmed himself as a prolific songwriter, amassing 10 full-length albums and three EPs since 2013. He most recently returned last year with his record, Unravel, created as a farewell to his late grandmother.

In a similar fashion, Squires’ latest record also acts as a farewell, only this time to his marriage. His forthcoming album, Hymnal, offers an intimate and bittersweet set of songs that find Squires stripping his sound back even further, using minimal overdubs and featuring only two performers一Squires on vocals, guitar, and ukulele, and Autumn Rose Brand on violin and harmony vocals. The full album is out later this week on October 14th, but ahead of the release date, Squires has shared the record’s title track, premiering with Under the Radar.

With only some fingerpicked guitar, melancholic violin, and soulful vocals, “Hymnal” offers a sparse and desolate account of Squires’ failing marriage. Squires’ lyrics trace his feelings in longing confessions and vulnerable heartbreak, imagining the relationship as both a saving grace and a still open wound一“We spoke / Of what I can not recall / She sucked out the poison / And withered away like leaves in the fall / All night / My heart aches.” Even in its most mournful moments, “Hymnal” also brings forth a gentle muted beauty, conjuring a vulnerable balance between sorrow and memory.

“This is the title track for the album and is my favorite song on the album and possibly ever. It encapsulates my feelings about my marriage ending perfectly. It’s heartbreaking and descriptive and honestly the way my brain and heart works in moments like this. It helped me to tell my story and move on. Hopefully, it helps people in similar situations.”

Check out the song and video below. Hymnal is out October 14th via Blackbird Record Label.

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