Premiere: Jenny O Shares New Single “You Are Loved Eternally”

Jan 16, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Elizabeth Weinberg

Indie singer/songwriter Jenny O is back next month with her fourth full-length album, Spectra. Arriving three years following her 2020 record, New Truth, the record expands on her world of evocative indie rock, stitching together fuzzy glam struts, swaying and swirling ballads, and tumbling new wave anthems. She returned last year with a series of early teasers to the record, “Prism,” “The Natural World,” and “There is a Club,” and today she’s back with her latest track, “You Are Loved Eternally,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“You Are Loved Eternally” finds Jenny O diverting into shimmery jangle pop, enlacing chiming guitars and honeyed melodies into a warm psychedelic haze. Swelling synth beds and layered vocal harmonies give the track a mystic transcendental element, as if the track is equal parts meditation and prayer. Meanwhile, the track’s lyrics reflect on a dreamy universal love, repeating the titular phrase like a mantra: “If you are not the same / You are loved eternally / Fell for it again / You are loved eternally / Can I face the obvious / You are loved eternally.”

Jenny O says of the track, “The phrase “You Are Loved Eternally” was hand-painted on an old mirror frame in my friend’s grandfather’s cabin. Weeks after I visited in 2020, the cabin and everything it contained burned up in the Sequoia Complex Fire along with 10% of the world’s giant sequoias. I imagine that mirror reflecting a room of flames before it too was consumed- the 1950’s furniture, local nature books, even the iron wood stove melted. At that time someone I love deeply was in trouble, in depressive peril. I wrote this song for them, for me, for everyone I know and don’t know. We get lost and fall disconnected from the warm glow of human connectivity, loving awareness, the web of life.”

Check out the song and video below. Spectra is out everywhere on February 24th, via Mama Bird Recording Co.

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