Premiere: Jake Pinto Shares New Single “Get It Right”

Feb 28, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Lauren Desberg

As a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Jake Pinto has long been pulled in different directions. He first entered the world of jazz in his teens, earning acclaim while simultaneously touring with afrobeat buzzband EMEFE. Later began diving back into his early love for rock music with his indie outfit The YeahTones. Lately, he’s also been playing as a touring member for psych funk outfit Magic City Hippies and Brooklyn afrobeat band Antibalas.

All of these disparate artistic threads come together to form the core of Pinto’s forthcoming full-length debut record, Sad Songs for Happy People.

“Get It Ride” is a captivating dose of ‘70s psych soul, carried by a steady blues groove, swelling vocal harmonies, and earworm piano licks, all building into an anthemic sing-along finish. It leans less on intricate rhythms, but instead offers a steady resolute simplicity, one that Pinto plays with to tremendous effect. The track builds with the fervor of a gospel song, each pounding piano key and soaring harmony pushing the track higher until it hits a soaring apex, with a chorus of backup singers carrying the song to a close.

Pinto says of the track, “‘Get It Right’ is not just a song for me but a mantra of my life for the last decade or so. What started out as a simple tale of longing love morphed into a universal message of perseverance and patience. Whether it’s finding that new job, that loving partner or perfecting your magnum opus, we’re all trying to get it right.”

Check out the song below. Sad Songs for Happy People is due out March 31st via Mother West.

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