Premiere: Jack Galloway Debuts New Video For “Anima”

Jul 28, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

London producer and musician Jack Galloway shared his new EP, Only Hours In, earlier this month, introducing Galloway’s freewheeling approach to love, music, and old-school singer/songwriter fare. Though Galloway was born and bred in London, his music has a distinctly West Coast feel, conjuring stadium-style balladry and easygoing emotional honesty. Now Galloway is back, sharing a new video from the EP, “Anima,” premiering with Under the Radar.

That same openhearted core and high-flying instrumental approach forms the heart of “Anima.” After opening on contemplative acoustic chords the song bursts to bright power ballad heights, soaring high on top of Galloway’s warm vocals and summery instrumentation.

As Galloway explains, “‘Anima’ is sort of a self-reflective song, playing upon the concept of the ‘anima’ in Jungian psychology, which means the feminine component of a man’s subconscious. So I based this song on things that I know past romantic flames of mine have been frustrated about in me, and put the shoe on the other foot, putting these attributes into a girl I’m torn up over. It was a self-reflective exercise as much as anything else – but hey I got a cool song out of it!

We filmed the video at the start of the year in Tulum, Mexico, where a group of us fled to in order to work remotely and escape the UK lockdown. Tulum has such an untamed tropical beauty about it, and these kinds of beach and jungle surroundings are exactly the kind of visual framing I wanted for Anima.”

Check out the video below. Only Hours In is out now.

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