Premiere: Hush Club Shares New Video “I’ll Be Waiting”

Jan 07, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Mickey West

Last year Boston trio Hush Club shared their sophomore record, Fingerprints & Stains. The record explores spaces ranging from intimate to celestial, evoking honest confessions and wide expanses as it unfurls in waves of dreamy pop psychedelia. Following the record’s release the band is back today with a new video for the album’s closer, “I’ll Be Waiting,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Hush Club’s soft psychedelic talents are out in full force on “I’ll Be Waiting.” The vocals float in on spacious droning chords, slowly given shape and form as the guitar and percussion join, transforming the track into a swaying ballad. That ballad, in turn, soars into stratospheric heights, ending the track on a lush moment of triumph. Meanwhile, the lyrics abandon the searching and ambiguity that color the rest of the record, instead tracing a starry-eyed tribute to holding on to loved ones through hard times一“On nights too cloudy to see / I’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting / You’re there, that’s plenty for me / I’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting.”

Alasdair MacKenzie says of the track and video, “Musically, we wanted “I’ll Be Waiting” to have a clear arc, from restrained and intimate to huge and epic. For me, the recording feels like a journey from outer space to Earth: it starts out light and airy, and it slowly becomes more solid.

Lyrically, a lot of our songs are unhappy or at least unresolved, so we wanted to write one that offered a little resolution, without pretending that problems don’t exist.

When we were making the video, we wanted to keep things simple and stay out of the song’s way, so we asked our friend to film us hanging out (thank you Jake Stone) and used some footage of us playing the song live (thank you Zoe Salvucci).”

Check out the song below. Fingerprints & Stains is out now via Full Send Records.

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