Premiere: Heavy Gus Share New Single “Weird Sad Symbol”

May 09, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Lauren Jacobson

California-based trio Heavy Gus is the latest project from singer/songwriter and guitarist Dorota Szuta, multi instrumentalist Stelth Ulvang of The Lumineers and percussionist Ryan Dobrowski of Blind Pilot. The stars aligned for the trio to record together while at a Nashville stop on the Lumineers’ 2019 tour, discovering a thriving organic chemistry that formed the foundation of their upcoming debut record.

The trio first debuted last year with their single “Do We Have To Talk?,” and followed with another new single earlier this year, “Dinner For Breakfast.” Today, they’re back with news of their upcoming debut album, Notions, out August 5th via BMG. Accompanying the announcement, the band have also shared another new single, “Weird Sad Symbol,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Although the members of Heavy Gus have their stylistic roots in indie folk, together they stumbled upon a genuine live-wire indie rock sound, one that is on full-display with “Weird Sad Symbol.” The track captures the trio’s propulsive energy with rollicking rhythms, infectious guitar parts, and impeccable melodic sensibilities一all of the foundations for great garage rock. There’s a deep element of delirious and joyous chaos running through the track as Dorota sings about watching the world crumble from afar.

As she explains, “I wrote ‘Weird Sad Symbol’ as a joyous departure, while living in a damp garage in Santa Cruz, California. It’s a song about living in chaos and just rolling with it. It’s the second track off our debut album, Notions, which we’re excited to announce will be released August 5th!”

Check out the song and accompanying video below. Notions is out August 5th via BMG.

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