Premiere: ‘Hardcore Humanism With Dr. Mike’ Shares New Episode With George Clinton

Jun 14, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Clinical psychologist and life coach and heavy metal frontman Dr. Mike (Odd Zero, Cildirmis) have shared a new episode of his Hardcore Humanism podcast, premiering early with Under the Radar. Hardcore Humanism, a collaboration between Dr. Mike and his wife, Hardcore Humanism co-founder Aylin Bumin, is a podcast focusing on musicians’ mental health and personal development, acting as part therapy and part life coaching. Musicians share their path to success, discussing poverty, trauma, discrimination, and mental health. Past guests have included Heart’s Nancy Wilson, Nile Rodgers, Scott Ian (Anthrax), and William Duvall (Alice In Chains), along with upcoming interviews from Amy Lee (Evanescence) and Linda Perry.

The new episode features a wide-ranging interview with funk legend and Parliament-Funkadelic bandleader George Clinton, discussing everything from his inspirations, including The Beatles and The Temptations, to learning to paint in the pandemic.

He says, “With the pandemic thing jumped up, I started painting you know, more focused and concentrating, ‘Okay, this is my pandemic imagery”…I look at art pretty much the same way I look at music – the frequencies, you know, the energy that flows through a painting or the art. And the same thing that flows through say one of our shows or the songs, the imagery that it conjures up. And like the album covers and things, all of that’s pretty much the same once I realized – cuz I’m actually colorblind too. But, I don’t have no inhibition about color, cuz I don’t know what supposed to not be there. It’s just shades and tones that I can feel, I can feel tones of, you know, vibrations…so all of that I transferred from the stage right to the art. And I got obsessed with how it was turning out…”

Dr. Mike says of the episode, “The goal of The Hardcore Humanism Podcast is to talk with artists who have pursued their purpose to build fulfilling and authentic lives. We are thrilled to talk with George Clinton, one of the most innovative and important artists of all time who broke conventional norms and dedicated his life to building the epic phenomenon that is Parliament-Funkadelic. We know that our listeners will be inspired by how George’s obsession with creating his music helped propel him to become the legend that he is today.”

Check out the episode below, premiering a day early with Under the Radar.

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