Premiere: HAPPIE Shares New Single “Heartbreak Season”

Oct 18, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

As HAPPIE singer/songwriter Happie Hoffman channels the sleek and seductive tones of vintage soul, blended with strains of atmospheric indie pop and stark singer/songwriter narratives. After first getting her start as one half of indie folk duo Eric & Happie, Heartbreak Season, Hoffman’s forthcoming debut EP, represents a rebirth of sorts, a collection of tracks that reveal an even more confident, soulful, and vulnerable songwriter.

HAPPIE teased the record earlier this year with its lead single, “All I Needed,” and today she’s back with her follow-up, “Heartbreak Season,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Heartbreak Season” is a gem of seductive grooves and shadowy songwriting. Unsurprisingly, it finds HAPPIE navigating the complicated territory of heartbreak, but rather than a despondent cry, the track feels more like a celebration for the heartbroken. Hoffman radiates a quiet assurance and confidence, bolstered by the track’s soul harmonies, striking percussion, and intoxicating rhythms. Hoffman envelopes herself in shadow and soul, conjuring an anthem for the brokenhearted.

“‘Heartbreak Season’ is a soulful and sultry expression of a moment in time. This song was written in the middle of a New York winter— and though the title sounds sad, it’s actually a song that represents bravery and power. It takes courage to be in a heartbreak season, and I hope listeners feel that.”

Check out the song below. The Heartbreak Season EP is out on November 11th.

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