Premiere: GLOSSER Shares New Single “The Artist”

Dec 05, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Chris DeFlitch

Early next year, DC-based dream pop duo GLOSSER are set to share their upcoming debut album, DOWNER, arriving January 27th. Following in the wake of the band’s 2021 self-titled EP, the record finds them exploring further into the depths of their decadent and subtly catchy dreamscapes, balancing floating layered melodies with an instinct for vibrant pop stylings.

The duo have been teasing the record this year with their singles, “Disco Girls” and “Movies,” and today they’re back with their latest effort, “The Artist,” premiering early with Under the Radar.

“The Artist” pares GLOSSER’s sound back into a sparse lulling pulse, with a solitary synth line and striking percussion acting as the main accompaniment to Riley Fanning’s glassy vocal melodies. Though the track gains some dreamy new synth layers in the latter half, it remains one of the pair’s most slight and reflective offerings, pulling back from the pop core that animated their previous singles. Yet, the pair draw an enchanting allure from this negative space, bringing immensity and weight to their lyricism as they explore the pain and beauty of an artist’s creationー“Bare my teeth shiny and sharp/Cry to sleep and then restart/The artist and her art/Let thoughts consume my mind/Then you burn up all my time/Left with nothing/Nothing.”

Fanning says of the track, “‘The Artist’ is one of the most honest songs on the album. It’s a very strange feeling to be so in love and obsessed with what you do, but also kind of tortured by it. Being creative is work that is so personal.”

Bandmate Corbin Sheehan continues, saying of the song, “We actually recorded most of ‘The Artist’ in a different and much smaller studio than the rest of the record. Because of the limited resources, we made the production more raw, which allowed for Riley’s voice to shine. We also had to make sure it was in the world of the album – so we needed to put just enough on it while still allowing it to be unique. I think we accomplished that.”

Check out the song early below. DOWNER is out everywhere on January 27th.

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