Premiere: Georgia Feroce Shares New Single “Maybe It’s Not You”

Oct 13, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Edward Baida

Later this month, Los Angeles singer/songwriter Georgia Feroce is releasing her debut LP, Moon Signs. Since sharing the confessional acoustic folk pop of her 2016 debut EP, Cat & Mouse, Feroce has evolved into a full-fledged songwriting force, combining bedroom pop, indie rock, and lofty pop orchestrations on her debut.

Written in the wake of a bad breakup, Moon Signs sees Feroce turning to the stars for inspiration, with each of the album’s 12 songs representing a different zodiac sign. “I knew I wanted to make an album where each individual song represents a sign,” says Feroce. “I wanted to focus on moon signs, though, because they deal with your inner self and your emotions, and that’s exactly what songs are, they come from your emotions, not necessarily what you present to the world.”

Feroce has already shared a handful of singles from the record this year, including “G.O.M.D.”, “Cocaine”, and, most recently, “I Don’t Want to be a Man Anymore”. Today she’s back with the fourth single from the record, “Maybe It’s Not You,” premiering early with Under the Radar.

“Maybe It’s Not You” leans into Feroce’s ‘90s alt rock influences, with the lyrics inspired by a new love quickly falling to pieces. Feroce opens the track with the stomping crunch of alt rock guitars before running through the delirious early days of a powerful new love. The track builds into a driving chorus, picking up the pace as Feroce’s love turns to heartbreak, then returns to the song’s central marching riff. The resulting track mirrors the dizzying back and forth of being led on, perfectly translating it into a propulsive indie rock rollercoaster.

Feroce says of the track, “I wrote ‘Maybe It’s Not You’ after being swept off my feet and then dropped just as fast. I had never been ghosted before, and I was absolutely unhinged! This song is me trying to figure out what the hell happened, and the back and forth I felt of wanting to move on with my head held high, but then also desperately wanting them to come back.”

Check out the song below. Feroce’s debut LP, Moon Signs, is out on October 29th.

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