Premiere: Gentle Heat Shares New Single “WDYG”

May 10, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Vanessa Valadez

Later this week, Chicago’s Gentle Heat are set to share their forthcoming sophomore album, Sheer, their first for Flesh & Bone Records. Led by David Algrim, the band makes an alluringly grungey brand of pop, with influences drawn from shoegaze, post punk, ambient, and dream pop. Since debuting in 2018 with their first record, Dissolve, the band have shared another two new EPs the following year, and are now back with the most potent distillation of their knotted grunge pop style yet.

Ahead of the record’s release, Gentle Heat have already shared a pair of singles, “Total Orbit” and “Closer II,” and today they’ve shared one last single from the album, “WDYG,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Like the record’s previous singles, “WDYG” is exceedingly tight and unrelentingly catchy, driven by a gnarled maze of guitars and feedback. Yet, within the track’s dense sonic makeup there’s an indelible pop core that can’t help but shine through, drenching the vocals in sharp harmonies and bright melodic sensibilities. It’s a classic combination, one that has been deployed time and time again, but Gentle Heat have packed their latest work with such uncanny craftsmanship that each moment feels fresh and vital.

Algrim explains of the song, “‘WDYG’ is a song about daydreaming and drifting off for better or worse. I have a tendency when I’m over-caffeinated or in a bleak mood, to drift into worst case scenarios or any other hypothetical situation. It’s less about specifically dark or dreary thoughts and more so about where I tend to go when my mind wanders.”

Check out the song and video below. Sheer is out May 13th via Flesh & Bone Records. You can also check out the band’s forthcoming tour dates here.


May 19th- Chicago @ The Hideout w/ Discus & Smut

May 20th- St. Louis @ The Platypus w/ Home Office & Choir Vandals

May 21st- Atlanta @ Eyedrum w/ Truth Club

May 22nd- Asheville @ Static Age w/ Gummy & Truth Club

May 23rd- Triangle NC w/ Truth Club

May 25th- Baltimore @ Joe Squared w/ Got Close

May 27th- Philadelphia @ Khyber Pass w/Pet Fox & Bleary Eyed

May 28th- New York w/ Pet Fox & Ben Special

May 29th Portland, Maine @ Sun Tiki Studios w/ Rick Rude & Pet Fox

May 30th Boston @ The Sinclair w/ Pile & Bathouse

May 31st Kingston NY @ Tubby’s

June 2nd Toronto @ Orwell w/ Chris & Motorists

June 3rd Port Huron @ The Schwonk

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