Premiere: First Day Of Spring Shares New Single “Moon Boy”

Jan 06, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Next month, London-based indie rock outfit First Day Of Spring are set to share their forthcoming debut EP, Fly Over Apple Blossom. On their debut EP, the band at times hits the heights of indie euphoria and at other moments dives deep into melancholy, but manages to trace moments of alluring emotive grace at each extreme. They spent last year sharing their early singles from the EP, “Stupid” and “Days,” and today they’re back with their third teaser track, “Moon Boy,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Moon Boy” begins as one of the band’s more subtle and textural efforts, with whisper-quiet vocals shifting and overlapping over a swirling mix of guitars and synths. Steadily, the song builds into the soulful and soaring indie pop of the track’s second half, carried by striking strings and openhearted melodies. The song itself blooms seamlessly into its full beauty, offering a track that feels both intimate and immense as its ambient haze gives way to buoyant grandeur.

Frontman Samuel Jones says of the track, “I feel like I write a lot about my attempts/struggles to live in the moment and being present. A mindfulness kind of thing I suppose, in the sense of leaving things behind and not looking too far forward. This song has that going on in there somewhere. The video has a lot of looking back. I’m someone who clearly clings on to the past quite a bit. And this is what I mean by being present. No past or future, just the beauty of the now in a positive way. I wanted the song to have a real unashamed buoyancy to it and I think that has been achieved.

The EP as a whole has a lot of experimentation with different sounds and textures. This is a representation of the time I’ve spent working in the studio and how interested I am in taking songs and using up space to make for an experience where the listener can use themselves.

The Charles Baudelaire poem ‘Be Drunk’ in the introduction is spoken by friend and poet Lucia Dove joined by Micky Denny. The meaning behind this poem is to convey an aversion to the overwhelming influence of time on everyday life, which I thought was quite appropriate.”

Check out the song and video below. The Fly Over Apple Blossom EP is out everywhere on February 24th.

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