Premiere: Elita Shares New Single “Mentally Not Here”

Nov 30, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Klaus K

Rising alt pop act Elita debuted back in 2019 with their EP Sick Girl, following quickly after with their 2020 EP, Blood Sucker, and 2021’s Anxiety Angel, cementing a sound based around sharp hooks, darkly alluring aesthetics, and Elita’s crystalline vocals. This Halloween week they returned with a new single, “Sleep Paralysis,” and today they’ve announced their debut album, Dysania, out March 22nd of next year. Accompanying the announcement, they’ve also shared the record’s second single, “Mentally Not Here,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Musically, “Mentally Not Here” goes in a darker direction than Elita’s previous single, crafting a track that is equally as dark as it is mesmerizing. The track revolves around a wiry dissonant guitar line and Elita’s moody and disaffected monotone vocals. Elita is the unbothered eye of the storm, delivering her sour lyricism while the instrumental winds the tension ever tighter, with jagged guitars and distorted production touches bringing the track a supremely sinister tone.

Elita says of the track, “This song is existential dread. Feeling drained by the impending doom of an apocalypse. The cursed beat and dissonant melodies put you on edge. It sounds like lo-fi hell hounds started a band and recruited a disillusioned angel to be their singer.”

Check out the song and visualizer below. The band’s debut LP, Dysania, is out on March 22nd via Opposition.

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