Premiere: Dzang Debuts New Single “Thaw (Water Is Life)”

Jul 20, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

LA-based electronic producer and musician Adam Gunther, a.k.a. Dzang, is back later this week with his new EP Glacial Erratic. His new EP follows his 2017 record 3G but, instead of turning towards pop structures and melodies, instead explores fittingly icy synth textures and downtempo late-night soundscapes. Gunther has already shared his first signal off the record, “Retreat” and is back today with the second and final release, “Thaw (Water Is Life)” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Thaw (Water Is Life)” imitates the titular icy thaw that accompanies spring, at first beginning with isolated melodies and then constantly expanding. The track is constantly subtly shifting, first joined by cool electronic percussion, then ethereal howling synths, then, finally, shifting into a new rhythmic sequence entirely for its conclusion. The track is in constant motion, yet moving at a subdued gentle speed, the perfect accompaniment for late-night drives or early morning contemplation.

Dzang says of the track, “Thaw (Water is Life)” was inspired by a trip that Gunther and his wife and collaborator, Georgia Lill, took to Alaska. In Denali and Glacier Bay national parks, the dynamic life-cycle of glaciers was on full display. The huge ice flows are in a state of constant change: slicing and carving mountains, carrying rock across elevations, delivering necessary nutrients to the sea, affecting life from the largest creatures to the smallest. The track never repeats itself, relying on subtly shifting sequences rather than loops, in an attempt to mimic the constant change necessary for life to exist.

Check out the song below and watch for the Glacial Erratic EP, coming July 23rd.

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