Premiere: Dyan Valdés shares New Single “Irregular”

Jan 12, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Petra Valdimarsdóttir

Some may recognize singer/songwriter Dyan Valdés from 2000s indie band The Blood Arm, synthy post punk trio Mexican Radio, or even her time playing with influential German outfit Die Sterne. However, this year is the year Dyan Valdés takes the spotlight. Now based out of Berlin, Valdés spent lockdown working on her debut solo synth punk record Stand. Last year, Valdés shared “Fade Away” and “Be My Revolution,” and she’s now back with another new single, “Irregular.” The single is out everywhere later this week, but you can get an early listen here, premiering with Under the Radar.

“Irregular” is Valdés’ swaggering tribute to standing out. Like previous singles, the track leans into pulsating retro synths and elliptical post punk melodies, though here there’s a bit of a playful sheen thanks to the cooing backing vocals and winking schoolyard chants. At its core, the track sees Valdés playing by her own rules, as always remaining defiantly irregular.

Talking about the single, Dyan explains, “I read a book about the spy Virginia Hall in WWII. She was always underestimated because she was a woman and had a prosthetic leg, and therefore managed to be very successful. Her code name was Diane and she ran a ragtag crew of guerrillas nicknamed the ‘Diane Irregulars’, which I thought was so cool, being named Dyan myself! To me, being ‘irregular’ is actually a good thing, so I wrote a song celebrating women like her who kick expectations aside and make their own unconventional way in life.”

Check out the song below and watch for Stand, due out February 11th via R.I.P. Ben Lee Records.

Dyan Valdés · Irregular

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