Premiere: Deadbeat Girl Shares New Single “She Loves Me”

Nov 04, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Deadbeat Girl is the moniker of indie singer/songwriter newcomer Val Olson. Taking cues from the worlds of grunge, alt rock, and plaintive singer/songwriters, she debuted earlier this year with her first single “Another Day.” Today, she’s following her debut with another new single, “She Loves Me,” premiering with Under the Radar.

After the rollicking rock style of “Another Day,” “She Loves Me” instead strips Olson’s songwriting back into a chiming and vulnerable indie folk mode. In this contemplative style, Olson finds resonant honesty and magnetic vulnerability, making for a thoroughly affecting sophomore effort. Accompanied only by gentle thrums of acoustic guitar and winding countermelodies, the track finds Olson pining for a lover who always leaves them hurt and broken一“But she’s still lovely/She loves me/Does she love me?/So, break me down/Throw me around/Let me hit the ground again/And when the sirens sound/Don’t turn around.”

Olson says of the track, “This song is easily my most vulnerable yet. In creating this song, I want people to feel seen and be able find comfort in vulnerability during times of hardship.”

Check out the song below, out everywhere now.

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