Premiere: Dana Sipos Debuts New Track “Hoodoo”

Jun 21, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Chris Dufour

Canadian folk singer/songwriter Dana Sipos is set to return later this week with her latest album, The Astral Plane, releasing via Roaring Girl Records. Her newest record comes on the heels of critical acclaim for her 2018 record, Trick of the Light. Sipos took 2020 to decamp with producer Sandro Perri and her studio band to record her The Astral Plane in isolation, crafting songs reflecting on complex personal histories and inherited trauma.

Sipos has already shared “Light Around The Body,” “Skinny Legs,” and “Breathing Barrel” from the record and is now back with one final taste of her new release, “Hoodoo,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Much like her preceding singles, “Hoodoo” sees Sipos tapping into evocative folk melodies, contemplative lyricism, and layered storytelling. Sipos’ talent for earthen imagery, rich spiraling vocals, and subdued finger-picked instrumentation set a startling backdrop for a bittersweet tribute to our crumbling natural world.

Sipos explains the song’s background saying, “I have been fortunate to spend quite a bit of time at the Banff Centre doing music residencies. Over the years I would go and visit the Hoodoos (tall, thin rocky spires generally composed of sedimentary and volcanic rock that form in badlands) and noticed they were deteriorating. I was also deep into writing some songs on the album that explored intergenerational trauma on that particular visit. Although it’s impossible to tell how much of that deterioration was natural course and how much was sped up by climate change, it got me thinking about our collective climate grief and how trauma inherited from the lived experiences of our ancestors parallel the ecological crisis of our time and the earth that future generation will inherit from our actions.”

Check out the song below and pre-order The Astral Plane, coming June 25th via Roaring Girl Records.

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