Premiere: Crimewave Shares New Track “Haemoglobin”

Nov 23, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

British electronic outfit Crimewave brings together the worlds of shoegaze and experimental electronic music, describing themself as “My Bloody Valentine meets Aphex Twin.” Dense walls of reverb are cut up, stretched out, fractured, and reborn as something new. Crimewave has already been sharing a handful of singles this year and today they’re back with their latest effort, “Haemoglobin,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Everything in the world of Crimewave is surreal, fractured, and distorted, and “Haemoglobin” is no exception. Expansive reverb-laden guitars drop in and out of the mix while a digitally twisted riff tears through the track, offering an unexpectedly catchy hook to the song’s electronic mayhem. Though the lyrics are as distorted as the rest of the track, they have a surprisingly thoughtful core, reflecting on the banal horror of homelessness一“My face was looking up at my feet / Begging bodies litter the barren streets / So many we’ve stopped noticing / Barley and gin for haemoglobin.”

Crimewave says of the song:

“As usual, all “synthesisers” in the track are actually digitally manipulated guitars

> I wanted to describe the upsetting normality of homelessness in the North of the UK

> I wanted it to be loud and fast_”

Check out the song and video below.

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