Premiere: Christina Galisatus Shares New Single “Rest”

Dec 13, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Early next year, emerging LA composer, pianist and singer/songwriter Christina Galisatus is set to share her forthcoming record, Without Night. The album is the first full-length project from the rising singer/songwriter and finds her exploring the intersection of folk, jazz, and chamber pop, pulling each style into a tastefully arranged and instrumentally rich blend.

Galisatus has shared the record’s lead single, “I Want To Know Her,” earlier this year, and now she’s back with her latest effort, “Rest,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Rest” is the sort of song that thrives on subtlety, wrenching emotion from wordless vocals, the quiet twinkling of piano, and swirling woodwinds. Galisatus finds peace and beauty in the track’s gentle expanse as she evokes classical influences with a delicate jazzy overtone. The results are warm, intimate, and resonant, but Galistatus also finds space for a gorgeous instrumental crescendo near the end, breaking the track’s titular restfulness in a brilliant sweep of ecstatic melody.

Galistatus explains of the track, “My great aunt acted as the grandparent-figure for me and siblings since the last of my grandparents passed when I was around the age of five. She was a devout patron of the arts, regularly taking us to symphony and art museums in San Francisco. Once I started learning piano, she would sit in my parent’s living room to listen to me practice whatever classical piano repertoire I was learning at the time. Since her passing just about ten years ago, I’ve often thought about what she would think about the music that I compose and play today. “Rest” is a piece that I wrote for her; it both encapsulates my grief surrounding her passing while also incorporating the romantic-classical influences that she loved.”

Check out the song below out everywhere now. Without Night is out on January 27th.

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