Premiere: Cash Langdon Shares New Single “Hearts Feel Wild”

Sep 14, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Indie folk singer/songwriter Cash Langdon’s upcoming record, Sinister Feeling, represents a homecoming of sorts. After getting his start in his native Birmingham, Langdon moved to Washington DC and began an adventurous creative period, performing with power pop quartet Saturday Night, his solo project Palette, and collaborating with Nora Button on the duo Caution.

However, in 2020 Langdon began to plan a return to Birmingham, with the songs that encompass Sinister Feeling growing out of his complicated feelings around his home state. Langdon explains, “The album mostly has to do with my reframing of my own life in Alabama—being so highly critical of it when I moved away, and feeling much more settled and comfortable now.”

Langdon announced the record with his lead single, “That Kid,” and today he’s following with another new single, “Hearts Feel Wild,” premiering with Under the Radar.

On its surface, “Hearts Feel Wild” is an easygoing, pastoral effort, tinged with the loping rhythms and sweet golden harmonies of alt-county, as well as a breezy melodicism drawn from indie rock. Langdon’s guitar lines meander in a sun-kissed haze, adding a playful ramshackle charm to the track, even as the lyrics reveal underlying shades of melancholy一“I take my time / Because I have to / Hearts feel wild / Better me than you / And you get meaner / When the grass is greener / I watch it happen all the time.”

Langdon explains of the track, “‘Hearts Feel Wild’ is about feelings of dissociation when in love. When you entwine your life with someone else, your most loving and also critical emotions can be hard to analyze, almost feeling as though you’re looking at the relationship from the outside.”

Check out the song below. Sinister Feeling is due out October 14th via Earth Libraries.

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