Premiere: Burr Oak Debuts New Reworked Version of “Southsider”

Jul 14, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Maddie Rogers

Burr Oak is the solo project of Chicago-based singer/songwriter Savanna Dickhut, formerly of folk-rock band Elk Walking. Dickhut debuted as Burr Oak back in 2019 with her first single, “Southsider.” Since then she’s been building towards her upcoming debut record, Late Bloomer, most recently with “FOMO,” her first single of this year. Today Dickhut goes back to her beginning though, sharing a reworked version of “Southsider,” premiering with Under the Radar.

For the revised version of “Southsider,” set to appear on the upcoming record, the changes Dickhut made are largely on the more subtle side. New gentle harmonies and reworked mixing offer an understated shift in the track’s sound, but Dickhut’s enticing presence and dreamy lyricism remain thankfully intact. Even with her first single as Burr Oak, Dickhut showed she is a songwriter of uncommon grace and vulnerable introspection. She perfectly captures the feeling of watching a relationship disintegrate in real-time with her heart-wrenching lyricism—“And you’re swimming, while I drown in the deep end.”

As Dickhut explains, “‘Southsider’ was the very first song I wrote for this project. When first starting my own solo music, I revisited and reworked some older material that I thought might fit the sound I had in mind but it wasn’t until after I wrote ‘Southsider’ that I knew I had to bring this project to life. Completing ‘Southsider,’ and eventually recording it, gave me the courage to begin Burr Oak. Ultimately, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone because I needed to release the music to feel a sense of relief like I was freeing myself from it.

Going back and re-mixing this song for the album was a great experience too, working with Michael Mac at his studio Pallet Sound. I ended up taking away the double vocal I had on there when I first recorded it and added some harmonies, plus brought the acoustic guitar and tambourine up in the mix which I think really elevates the track. I’m excited to put this revised version of the song out into the world again and hope people enjoy it as much as when I first released it.”

Check out the song below and watch for Late Bloomer, out July 30th.

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