Premiere: Brittany Campbell Shares New Single and Video “Eternally”

Jan 07, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Erik Michael Kommer

Los Angeles singer/songwriter and actress Brittany Campbell is breaking heart-rending new ground with her new single “Eternally.” Campbell has been building her career as a multi-variate talent over the past several years, between performing on Broadway, playing in the band Mermaid, becoming a self-taught animator, and crafting her own soul-stirring solo music.

She debuted in 2018 with Stay Gold and has released a handful of singles since, including her 2020 protest anthem “Matter.” Today she’s shared her first release of 2022, her new single “Eternally” and its accompanying lyric video, premiering with Under the Radar.

The stark reminiscences of “Eternally” place it at the intersection of silken R&B and singer/songwriter confessionals, opening on sparse acoustic notes before soaring into a show-stopping finale. Gently guided by celestial harmonies and expansive production, courtesy of Campbell and co-producer Sam Hoffman, Campbell explores the end of a love she once thought was eternal一“We can watch the waves crash against our lives / Yes, I believe that you always were mine / Eternally.” The track’s horizons gently build until Campbell’s stunning vocals are delivering her heartbreak to the heavens before falling back to earth, having finally found peace in the absence.

Campbell explains of the track, “I can’t say that I was thriving when I finally revisited this song…grieving was the pinnacle part of the process…this song was a wish…for love eternal.,” she explains. “I wrote it when I was still with my first love…even though the walls were crumbling around us, I held to him, fixated on this idea that my first would be my last…everlasting…it has taken sometime to get over us…I have tried to go about it a multitude of ways but the only way over was to go through it…realizing that our love has left its imprint on me…eternal. Accepting that you are in the very fabric of my being…eternal…understanding it was you who walked with me in the beginning of my journey towards radical love…eternal.”

Check out the song and accompanying lyric video, animated by Campbell herself, below.

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