Premiere: Breanna Barbara Shares New Single “Weaning”

Oct 18, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Joel Arbaje

New York-based singer/songwriter Breanna Barbara debuted back in 2016 with her first full-length album, Mirage Dreams. In the years since she has been steadily crafting her follow-up record, Nothing But Time, adding new dark psychedelic shades to her combination of heady blues rock and warbling celestial synth tones.

The full record is out on November 11th via Fuzz Club Records, and ahead of the record’s release Barbara is sharing another new single today, “Weaning,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Weaning” encapsulates the dizzying new edges to Barbara’s music, marrying her powerful vocal talents with a pounding instrumental presence. The track’s acoustic core is filled out with swelling synths and frenzied psych rock guitar lines, bringing newfound grit and acid-fried haze to Barbara’s confessionals. Meanwhile, the lyrics explore a relationship in similarly hazy terms, comparing a partner to a drug that Barbara has to be weaned off of, a trial by fire that creates something new in the end.

Barbara explains of the track, “‘Weaning’ is a song that’s followed me throughout the years. When I go to record a new album I have mostly new songs but there are always a couple of older ones that will resurface from the vault. In the past, I found myself in relationship after relationship and, once deep inside them, I would pretty consistently want out for one reason or another. It was a pattern I followed for years and had a lot of guilt surrounding it. I think life in general requires us to wean off of certain relationships, starting with our own mother and all the way up to past versions of ourselves. For me this recording really captures the intensity and often pain that can come with grieving those relationships.”

On the ‘Weaning’ video, director Velasco writes: “When Breanna and I started talking about the concept for the video, the premise was to stay away from the cliche of the breaking up part and to focus on the transformation process of the person walking away from a relationship that is no longer working. In that sense, the concept of weaning became crucial and so we thought on how to visually portray it. Transformation and evolution isn’t easy, so we embraced that idea and added the element of being reborn, in a messy and even psychedelic process that concludes in a new empowered being that can feel very alien. We also wanted to give it a bold and uneasy atmosphere and look, so we decided to shoot it on film and work with different frame rates, inspired by some of the great music videos from the 90s by Floria Sigismondi, one of my favorite music video directors.”

Breanna adds: “​​Transformational moments when you are weaning off of someone or something can often feel very shaky, scary & even psychedelic at times. The word psychedelic literally means ‘mind revealing’ – which I think is what is happening when the subconscious is revealing something to the conscious mind, that it’s time for a change.”

Check out the song and video below. Nothin’ But Time is out everywhere on November 11th via Fuzz Club Records.

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