Premiere: Breanna Barbara Debuts Single “New Moon”

Jun 28, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Joel Arbaje

New York-based singer/songwriter Breanna Barbara returned late last year with her first single since her 2016 debut, Mirage Dreams. “Big Bang Blues” was the first taste of more to come from Barbara as she followed it up with another new single, “The Way Out,” last month. Now she’s once again back with another shadowy songwriting gem on her new single, “New Moon,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Between all of her new singles, “New Moon” is fittingly the most celestial and otherworldly. Barbara’s voice is an instrument of crystalline beauty, thick with raw emotion and flying high above the song’s languid soundscapes. Barbara searches for meaning and healing, expelling her heartache in enchanting cries. She ponders lingering regrets and painful memories in her ethereal vocals, calling out to the New Moon for healing. Perhaps she prays that the passage of time will heal her heart or perhaps she calls to a greater unseen power represented by the celestial body. In either case, Barbara conjures a world of mysticism, heartbreak, and unexpected warmth with “New Moon.”

Barbara says of the track, “‘New Moon’ is a song all about healing. I wrote it during a very pivotal time for me when I wasn’t very sure if I was ever going to be able to write a meaningful song again or even continue playing music for that matter. It was sort of a desperation meets surrender moment when I was just looking up at the new moon sky singing for clarity. I think every artist has times of self-doubt or blockages but if you’re able to just sit yourself down and create, your art can ironically be the thing that pulls you through to the other side.”

Check out the song and accompanying music video, directed by Erica Alexandria Silverman, below.

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