Premiere: BRATTY Shares Video for New Track “Continental”

Jan 05, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Alan Cortest

Mexican garage pop artist BRATTY (real name Jenny Juárez) first got her start in her bedroom, taking inspiration from Best Coast’s surf pop with her 2018 debut EP, Todo Esta Cambiando. Since then, she’s crafted her own vision of charmingly fuzzy and insistently catchy garage pop, returning with her 2019 full-length record, Delusión, and her 2021 follow-up, tbdn.

Today, she’s back with her latest release, the collaborator-laden Es Mi Fiesta Y Si Quiero Hago Un EP. As Juárez describes, “It’s my birthday party and the collaborators are my guests. A celebration of music.” She’s already shared new singles from the record featuring Metronomy, Yawners, and Hinds, and today accompanying the EP’s release, she has shared a new video for “Continental,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Continental” is a warm indie guitar pop dream, balancing earworm guitar lines with silken vocal performances and an easygoing homespun charm. The track’s lyrics track a relationship as the pair steadily grow more confident and comfortable, and the honeyed melodies effortlessly capture that same sense of effortless intimacy. Juárez also brings fellow Mexican indie artists Nsqk and Méne onto the track, with the trio locking into a starry harmonic finale.

Juárez says of the track, “In one of my sessions in Monterrey (Mexico) I finally had the opportunity to meet Rodrigo and Luis (Nsqk and Méne), I had already heard about their projects and they had caught my attention since both are fresh Mexican proposals from the north. I love that the realization of this song is totally homemade. Rodrigo and I produced it and between the three of us we wrote the lyrics. The song talks about the love that grows when a relationship is young and you would like that person to move in with you, in the lyrics you tell them that you would even prepare breakfast for them so they don’t have to get up early.”

Check out the song, video, and EP below, out everywhere now via Universal Music Mexico. You can also read our introductory Q&A with BRATTY below where she dives into the track’s inspirations and her collaboration with Nsqk and Mené.

What is the inspiration behind the lyrics of “Continental”?

Nsqk and Mene came up with the phrase “Te hice una copia de llaves para que supieras que puedes regresar” (I made you a copy of the key so you know you can come back) and from there we came up with the cute concept of a relationship that is just starting, but is already gaining confidence, that you wish that person could live with you. Little by little you tell her what you would do for her to convince her to stay, make her breakfast so she doesn’t have to wake up early, fill the apartment with plants, buy her the best pillow.

How did the collaboration with Nsqk and Mené come about?

I was in Monterrey (Mexico) for a couple of weeks looking to write and produce with artists from the region. I had already heard of them because they had done a lot in the Indie scene. Both projects seemed interesting to me, and I didn’t hesitate to write and produce something with both of them

How did you come upon the filming location for the video?

I didn’t know the locations where we filmed, but when I drove there, I understood perfectly why the production company chose them. “La Huasteca” has a nice vibe and a very beautiful landscape. We wanted to shoot something with a road vibe and with those landscapes, it looked pretty good.

Why was this visual story chosen for the video?

We wanted to replicate the feeling that the song describes: A couple slowly gaining confidence and the vibe of the road, having a good time

Why did you choose Nsqk and Mené for this collaboration?

Because both projects are doing super interesting and fresh things for Mexican scene. I was curious to see what would come out of a song together.

Considering they are the only Mexicans on the EP, what made you connect with them?

We are similar ages, therefore, similar ways of feeling that our lives and careers are just beginning. Also, that they like to be very involved in the production of their songs and we share similar ways of composing. In the end I think a good friendship came out of it all and that’s the most enjoyable result.

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