Premiere: BETWEEN FRIENDS Debuts New Video For “ok”

Jun 11, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Lauren Leekley

Los Angeles sibling indie pop duo BETWEEN FRIENDS are back, sharing their new 25-track mixtape, i like it when you shine. The duo have already been hard at work this year, sharing a series of mixtapes simply entitled tape 001, tape 002, and tape 003. All three releases now culminate in i like it when you shine, the pair’s most ambitious effort yet.

As the duo explains “This is a piece of us, something we have held very close to our hearts this year. A diary of some sorts and a sonic experiment. For ages, we have placed the mixtape format on a pedestal, from the history of frankie knuckles and dj drama all the way down to the old cassettes we’d find in our garage that belonged to our parents in the ‘90s. Making this was a fever dream and the most fun we’ve had in our studio to date. We hope that this finds its way well into your cars and your headphones. Made with luv at home by us for you.”

Along with the tape, BETWEEN FRIENDS have also shared the video for the record’s closing track, “ok,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“ok” is some of BETWEEN FRIENDS’s most effortless work yet. Spacious production and subtle vocal manipulations add an offbeat element to the track, yet easygoing electro pop hooks keep the track breezy and welcoming. It’s an instantly engrossing effect, placing hypnotic craftsmanship and carefree melodies at the track’s core. Fittingly, the video also hits on a similar combination of surreal visuals and colorful sunlit joy.

BETWEEN FRIENDS explain the song and video saying,”‘ok’ is about figuring it out. Throughout the mixtape, we explore the ups and downs of relationships and getting to know ourselves more and more everyday. This song felt like finishing a book. We knew it would be a closing track because of the immense closure we found within it.”

“‘ok’ was the last thing we shot for the mixtape and we knew we had to end this cycle with a video of our friends. We spent this past year tucked away inside working on the project. It felt so freeing and climactic to conclude in a mosh pit.”

Check out the song and video below and stream i like when you shine, out now.

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