Premiere: Beach Bums Debut New Self-Titled Album – Stream It Below

Jul 07, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

As Southern California band Beach Bums insists, they belong to no genre. If anything, they self-describe their music as MYCORE, their own particular blend of hip hop, punk, thrash metal, and more. The trio, raised in the LA punk underground, blend genres effortlessly, with each member encouraged to take the record in whatever direction they wish. After debuting in 2017 with Everything and following up with 2018’s I Want To Sleep Forever and 2019’s Years, the band is once again back with their fourth self-titled record, BEACHxBUMS.

For their latest effort Beach Bums expand upon their new chapter introduced with their February single “iguesswechanged.” But in typical fashion, they don’t stay locked down in any one mode for long. “4N1” mixes screamed hardcore vocals with lo-fi aesthetics, watery washes of synths, and blaring electronic touches. Meanwhile, “IDMY” explores a dreamy shoegaze soundscape, one of the band’s one-take live session tracks. “Chill-Out (Freestyle)” switches between an amphetamine rush of hardcore punk to floating dream pop, to driving rapped verses.

Heavily autotuned and distorted vocals make appearances on “Whatsinsideyourhead,” while glittering indie rock descends into looping electronics on “Sparkle.” All these influences and more enter the mix, resulting in an album that doesn’t so much blur genres as do away with them entirely, with the band exploring whatever sounds interest them moment-to-moment.

The band say of the record, “BEACHxBUMS! was created in a time of deep reflection. It’s a record for people from all walks of life. It was created during a unique time that was new to all of us, considering the pandemic, spread out rehearsal times and weird availability while managing to be creative.”

Check out the full album early below. The full-record is out July 9th via Lolipop Records.

Beach Bums · BEACHxBUMS!

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