Premiere: Bayonne Shares New Single “Solo”

Dec 08, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Eric Morales

​After years of putting out experimental folk projects under his own name, Austin-based indie musician Roger Sellers debuted under the moniker Bayonne in 2016, channeling a penchant for meditative and exploratory styles of electronic pop. In the years since, the producer and multi-instrumentalist returned with his 2019 effort, Drastic Measures, and this year he has shared another new single, “Is It Time,” and announced his signing with Nettwerk.

Today, he’s back with another new single, “Solo,” premiering early with Under the Radar.

Befitting the track’s title, “Solo” begins as an intimate and evocative effort, centering on Sellers’ glassy vocals and prismatic guitar work. The track opens with wispy gossamer melodies and steadily gains form and presence, with pulsing percussion and shimmering synths add dazzling color to the floating reverie. By its end, Bayonne brings the instrumental soaring high, hitting an expansive climax that feels truly euphoric, even as the lyrics take a wistful and melancholic bent.

Bayonne describes the track, saying, “’Solo’ is a call to two people in the twilight of a relationship. A relationship that can’t persist, and even though both parties realize it they still can’t seem to end it. It’s a very personal song to me.”

He continues, “This is also the first track in my career in which I reached out for additional production help. Jon Joseph helped fill out certain spots sonically, as I was feeling lost in the process towards the end. It really opened me up to having other talented people involved in the overall production of my songs.”

Check out the song below, out everywhere on December 9th via Nettwerk.

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