Premiere: Ari Lindo Shares New Single “Talk To Me”

Sep 08, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Chicago singer/songwriter Ari Lindo first drew local acclaim while playing with psych jazz outfit Late Nite Laundry and soul group The Devonns. Though he’s been a mainstay in his local scene for years now, he only began to truly write for himself in the aftermath of a difficult breakup and the beginning of the pandemic. During those months of isolation, Lindo dove into his songwriting, paying homage to the strains of Brazilian music, neo soul, and folk music that first inspired him years ago. Now, Lindo is set to share these inspirations on his debut solo record, Cost of Giving, due out October 7th.

He announced the record earlier this year with his debut single, “Sheepskin Lady,” followed by his second track, “Chances.” Today, Lindo is back again with his latest effort, “Talk To Me,” premiering early with Under the Radar.

“Talk To Me” is a warm indie folk effort, balancing a charming unassuming energy with sweet and sunny melodies. The track is driven by lithe percussion and fingerpicked acoustic guitar, lending it a breezy, effortless shine that makes it a perfect gem for late summer. At the same time, Lindo delivers a beautifully unvarnished vocal performance, adding hints of pastoral earthiness to the track’s intimate daydream.

Lindo says of the track, “‘Talk to Me’ is about traveling outside a place of comfort to discover personal truths. Ones that may be hard to accept but deserve a conversation whether that be with yourself or someone close to you. I remember writing this alone in my dorm room at Columbia College seven years ago when nearly everyone in my building had gone home for Thanksgiving except me. This song encapsulates coming face to face with reality and finding ways to articulate a busy mind while simultaneously living in a world of avoidance and denial.”

Check out the song below. Cost of Giving is due out everywhere on October 7th.

Ari Lindo · Talk To Me

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